Hi! I'm Cristina. A yoga and mindfulness teacher and artist based in Los Angeles by way of New York City. 

I first fell in love with yoga in 2002 while I was attending The School of Visual Arts in NYC. I took a yoga philosophy class where we stretched, moved, and stood on our heads with our amazing 75 year old professor. He talked about the BREATH and the NOW and he shined SO brightly. I remember wanting to shine like that and thought there must be something to this whole yoga thing. Fast forward to today, I've been teaching various styles of yoga and meditation classes since 2009 and am constantly inspired by teachers and students from all over the worlds. I like to move in a way that feels like I'm really exploring what this human body can do. I like to be encouraged to look at and feel things that are uncomfortable or scary so that I don't hold any of that in my body or mind. 


Please contact me to inquire about private sessions. Click here to learn about bringing a weekly yoga and/or meditation class into your home with Om Home.